A beautiful town in the Andes of Colombia. Its mountain landscapes uplift the soul and strengthen the body. Guasca and its surroundings await you to enjoy natural reserves, thermal waters, archaeological treasures, experiences of indigenous legends, waterfalls, cloud forests, bird and bear watching, underground cathedrals, coffee regions, extreme sports and the attractions of the city […]


THE HOUSE A place to stay, to share, to remember. We built this house with the purpose of sharing our perspective of living a meaningful and tasteful life with our old friends and the new ones to come.    Contact us


EXPERIENCES A place to stay, to share, to remember. A hand-picked selection of meaningful experiences that will connect you with the environment and culture of Colombia.  From sea to summit, this country is diverse and rich in so many ways that the challenge is finding the time to stay longer.


: : We are Marisol and Johan : : ABOUT US Marisol & Johan We are a Colombian-Belgian couple. We offer our home in the mountains of Colombia, filled with nature and abundant history. We provide personalized service with a wide range of unforgettable experiences and activities. We want to share the beauty and diversity […]


A GLIMPSE OF BEAUTY THE HOUSE A place to stay, to share, to remember. GUASCA We are located in one of the most beautiful and diverse regions of Colombia. EXPERIENCES Let’s go outside to find out what the nature wants to teach